Steps To Never Get Locked Out Of Your Car Again

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Locked Out Again? Follow These Simple Steps Never To Get Locked Out Of Your Car Again

Technology has advanced immensely. Some cars basically drive themselves, and our smartphones have far exceeded our expectations. Yet, with all of these advancements, we are plagued by simple faux pas that leaves us in very tough situations. 

No other situation will have us wallowing in self-disappointment more than accidentally locking our keys into the car. And if you are the average person, you more than likely just locked your house keys into that car as well.

Metro Towing compiled a list of the top tips to prevent you from forgetting your keys in your vehicle.

Make A Copy

Concise, straightforward, and fail-safe, make a spare copy of your key and leave it somewhere accessible yet safe. If ever you forget your keys, this is the best contingency plan. Keeping the spare in your purse or wallet is a smart option, assuming you always have them on you.

Lock From the Outside

Those conveniently placed lock buttons on the door are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Once you have cultivated the habit of using them, it’s almost impossible to stop. So, before you go down that path, get into the habit of locking your door from the outside. This method requires a key, so you will always have it on hand.

Lanyards Are Your Friends

If your hands are always full, this may be the best solution for you. Lanyards are convenient, and the keys can be detached from the clip on the lanyard and set aside with the rest of the keys while the car is in use. They can go right around your neck before you even get out of the seat, keeping you and your keys together.

Carry A Carabiner

A carabiner is a metal loop that engages a spring load gate to lock keys to the loop. The loop can be hooked onto a belt, jeans, handbag, or just about anything. This makes it a convenient tool for keeping track of your car keys. 

Go Keyless,

If your vehicle is of the more modern make, this can be a life-changing option for you. You receive a key fob that only requires you to be in the car to drive. You can close open and even arm your alarm from a specific distance. The best part is you throw that fob in your bag, and you forget about it. 

Create A Strategy

Even though you are dying to rush out of the car after hours of traffic, stop. Take a few mins and execute that car exit strategy you created. Create an easily incorporated routine that sees you accounting for your keys and other belongings before exiting the vehicle. Discipline is “KEY” for this tip to work.

However, it is human to err, and some situations are just unavoidable. So, if and when you are betrayed by your keys, and you live in the counties of San Joaquin, Alameda, or the Bay Area, Call Us!
We can swiftly send our premier 24/7 Road Assistance team, which is outfitted with full locksmith service. No matter the time of day, we will be there in 30 mins to solve your problems efficiently.

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