Accident Recovery

Available 24 Hours A Day To Assist You With Emergency Road Service, On-Site Repairs, Towing Services, And More!

“Metro towing was the only company willing to accept my job’s insurance and took care of business.” ~Eric Webster

To Keep Your Fleet On The Road

Thousands of qualified vendors are available to help your team whenever they need it, and we strive to provide the best results to companies across the country. We can handle all your towing and recovery needs, from light- and heavy-duty towing to equipment transport, winch-outs, and recovery services in the worst conditions. Metro Towing Emergency Road Service offers you the fastest, most effective service at the best price!

Need Assistance

Truck Towing And Recovery

Whether you need to be towed to the closest mechanics shop or to your base camp, we can deal with the tow from start to finish.

  • Light-to substantial towing
  • Hardware transport
  • Burden or truck trades
  • Mishap and debacle recuperation administrations
  • Putting away and upkeep of trucks and trailers in our got offices

Fuel Delivery

Notwithstanding where you are found, we will get the fuel you want to arrive at your objective.

  • Diesel
  • Gas
  • Channel changes
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid added substances

Winch Outs

Regardless of the circumstance, our vehicles are adequately strong to get your vehicle out of any tight spot. We have four-wheel drive rough terrain recuperation units for help with any condition.

  • Mud
  • Sand
  • Ice/snow

Kicks Off

Have issues beginning your vehicle? We will get you in the groove again quickly!

  • 12-to 24-volt framework kicks off
  • Weighty, medium-, light-obligation vehicles
  • Recuperation units are supplied with batteries
  • Pull begins are accessible whenever mentioned

Heavy-Duty Recovery Services

The main difference between light-duty recovery and heavy-duty recovery is the weight of the vehicle that needs to be recovered. Heavy-duty recovery is for larger vehicles that go off the road and require a higher towing capacity. The average semi-truck is three times as heavy as a typical car. A standard tow truck is not able to retrieve heavier vehicles like trailers, buses, RVs, or tractors. It takes special equipment, training, and expertise to recovery heavy-duty vehicles, especially if the vehicles are overturned or far off the road.

Heavy-Duty recovery is a difficult task because it involves many considerations to ensure everyone is safe and the heavy vehicle is accurately recovered. The best towing companies, like Metro Towing In Tracy California, have the expertise and tools to handle heavy-duty recovery. They must pay close attention to minimize any damages, and evaluate special considerations to determine the best method for recovery. To effectively recover heavy-duty vehicles, we may use a forklift, rotator, airbag recovery system, duty wrecker, other recovery tools, and even a crane. We also use a heavy-tow vehicle with maximum towing capacity, extended wheelbase, and winches and cables. In some cases, multiple recovery vehicles may be required for a heavy-duty tow.

Some common heavy-duty recovery services include:

  • Machinery
  • Semi-trucks
  • Bus and motorcoach
  • Commercial trucks
  • Tractor-trailer
  • Fleet trucks

Light Vehicle Recovery Services

Regular passenger vehicles, such as cars, require light vehicle recovery. Recovery is used to remove your vehicle from an emergency situation when normal towing can not do the job. Driving through roads in the mountains can be risky, and can lead to your vehicle getting stuck on unpaved roads, or even in a ditch. Recovering a vehicle that slid into a ravine requires special equipment and expertise in the best techniques. Recovery towing experts will also manage the hazardous materials that may be at accident scenes. Situations that may require light vehicle recovery include:

  • Broken down engines
  • Tire punctures
  • Dead batteries
  • Terrain blocks
  • Accidents
  • Dangerous road conditions cause you to spin or slide far off the road.

Why Choose Metro Towing?

The number of our towing, roadside assistance, and recovery locations has grown from one in 2003 to four today. Metro Towing drivers serve Central California from locations in Tracy, Manteca, Modesto, and Livermore.

In close to two decades and ten trucks, our team cannot be beaten. We handle all medium and heavy towing requirements

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