Car Troubles? The Best Tips on Preparing Your Car For Towing

Car Troubles? The Best Tips on Preparing Your Car For Towing

If you are a car owner, then getting your car towed at some point is inevitable. The thought of towing your vehicle can be quite daunting and very overwhelming. You may require the services of a tow truck if you experience unexpected car troubles or you could be moving. No matter the circumstances that led you to call us, we have compiled a list of the top tips to help you prepare your car for the ideal towing experience.

Stop Those Brakes

Disengage your brakes. This cannot be stressed enough. When your vehicle gets towed to the truck, the emergency brakes must be disengaged. Leaving them engaged can cause your wheels to spin during towing, leading to dragging and damage. Double-check that your emergency brakes are off if you are absent for the towing. However, our professional tow trucking company will certainly ensure your emergency brakes are off if you live in Central California.

Remove Your Valuables

Even if you hire the most reputable tow truck company you can find, this step is still vital. Most towing companies explicitly state they will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items. Also, remove all your vehicle documents. To be safe, check with your insurer that your car and the items in it are covered for tows, so in the unfortunate event you forget to remove items or something accidentally still gets left, your insurance can cover it.

Snap Away

Take very clear photos of your car. This is in the name of accountability for you, the tow trucking company, and, if you have any, your insurance company. These photos serve as necessary proof of the car’s condition in case any damage occurs. Damage sometimes happens while the vehicle is being loaded onto the tow truck and sometimes if the driver makes sudden stops during the tow. We here at Metro Towing take the utmost care with your vehicle, thus significantly limiting the damage, if any, while towing.

Close Windows

This may seem insignificant, but closing your windows will prevent debris and dust from entering the vehicle during towing. Closing your windows also prevents any damage that a sudden change in the weather can cause. Most importantly, an open car window is an invitation to theft. So, whether the tow truck has to make a stop or you won’t be present for the tow, closing all your windows will ensure the safety of any items you might have left inside. 

Call Now!

The most crucial tip we can provide is acquiring a reputable well-experienced tow trucking company. Never forget; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

But if you are currently residing in the Central California vicinity, simply contact us to take the hassle and worry out of towing your car. We operate from four locations: Tracey, Manteca, Modesto, and Livermore and are ready to satisfy all your towing needs.

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