Roadside Assistance

Available 24 Hours A Day To Assist You With Emergency Road Service, On-Site Repairs, Towing Services, And More!

“Metro towing was the only company willing to accept my job’s insurance and took care of business.” ~Eric Webster

Complete Peace of Mind, Many miles

We want to give complete help to experts across the business needing emergency aides. Public Truck Emergency Road Service can assist you with getting your truck, traveller vehicle, or armada running quickly, keeping away from exorbitant difficulties and the requirement for additional expensive fixes. Our live Technical Service Advisors are accessible every minute of every day to arrange your side of the road administration from beginning to end. We even handle the instalment so you can zero in on getting your apparatus out and about!

Emergency aides

Crisis side of the road — Emergency administrations might have an effect between a near calamity and a total misfortune. In the event that you’re needing crisis emergency aides, call our group for quick outcomes and complete true serenity.

Versatile fixes — From little breakdowns to trailer fixes, tire adjusting, and a full scope of precautionary support, our geniuses can assist you with making progress in a hurry with our portable truck administrations.

Towing and recuperation — Whether you really want a lift to the nearest carport for fixes or you’re managing a toppled trailer, our towing and recuperation administrations guarantee that your organization is back out and about toward future achievement.

Tire administrations — Dealing with a level can genuinely affect your advancement. Public Truck offers total tire fixes for semis and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, including arrangement administrations, filling, froth fill, and spare administrations, and that’s just the beginning. Assuming that you have a definite tire as the main priority, we’ll make certain to see it as the right fit!

Armada upkeep — Improve wellbeing and set aside cash by forestalling exorbitant fixes with our armada support administrations. We can fit our administrations to meet any or your armada requests in general, including routine administrations, and wellbeing checks, and the sky is the limit from there.

Precaution upkeep — addressing the issue beforehand is better than addressing any aftermath later, and in this industry, an ounce of counteraction can save you from a huge load of migraines.

Metro Towing Roadside assistance

How Can We Help You


Comprehensive portable cover can get you out and about


Flat Repairs, Tires Replacements, Spare Services, and then some


Gain Entry, make an extra key, and supplant lost keys.


Solve issues at their source to stay away from future issues.

Inner harmony

every minute of every day inclusion across

Why Choose Metro Towing?

The number of our towing, roadside assistance and recovery locations has grown from one in 2003 to four today. Metro Towing drivers serve Central California from locations in Tracy, Manteca, Modesto, and Livermore.

In close to two decades and ten trucks, our team cannot be beaten. We handle all medium and heavy towing requirements

Metro Towing service

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