The 8 Best Tips For Maintaining Your Tires

The 8 Best Tips For Maintaining Your Tires

Tires are the only barrier between you and the grainy asphalt. But as vital as they are, tires are commonly underserviced until they are threaded bare and in need of replacing. 

And even though we here at Metro Towing take the utmost pleasure in running to your rescue with our multifaceted Road Assistance Crew, we are firm believers that prevention is always better than cure. 

Keep reading to learn the best tire maintenance strategies from our expert team.

Maintain the Ideal Inflation

Underinflated tires are just as troublesome as overinflated tires. Both can lead to steering and brake problems as well as a lack of acceleration. Consult your vehicle’s information placard to find the ideal tire pressure for your car. Ensure you check your tire pressure every day before you head out.

Get Them Balanced

Imbalanced tires are the main culprit in the rapidly deteriorating treading of your tires. Whether you have rotated, changed, or acquired a brand-new set of wheels, balancing is still necessary. 

Align Them

If your tires are toed-in (pigeon-toed) or toed out (duck-footed), then you are certainly in need of an alignment. A brief trip to your mechanic will have you sorted out in no time. Keep in mind that the most minute misalignment can lead to premature tread wear and fuel inefficiencies. Have this done at least every six months or as the need arises. 

Rotate Them

Unless it’s a four-wheel drive, the majority of the driving is focused on two wheels. This leads to uneven wear. Rotating your tires takes the pressure off the dominant tires by replacing them with the least used tires. You should rotate your tires every 5000 miles. 

Don’t Mix and Match

While mixing and matching are incredible and encouraged in other aspects of life, it is quite the opposite with your tires. Though it may seem cost-efficient, changing out your tires individually will result in uneven tire wear and increased tread wear.

Repair The Spare

Keeping your spare tire in tip-top condition will save you a lot of time and money in the event one of your current tires fails you. Always ensure your spare is properly cleaned and stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat. Ensure it has no leaks and is in impeccable condition. 

Check Your Tread Depth

Treading on tires is what creates tractions and keeps them safely planted on the road. Constantly check your tires’ tread depth and look out for wear and tear. If the treading is gone, it’s time to get new tires. 

Keep Checking

Consistently inspecting your tires will ensure you are up to date with the condition your tires are in so you can drive accordingly. Always be on the lookout for bulges, cracks, and tire treading. 

If you are in the Central California area and your tires don’t feel right while driving, pull over and give us a call. Our dedicated Roadside Assistance has a variety of services, inclusive of tire services

Call us or fill out a form to learn more about our excellent services.

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